Introducing Equity Raise: Leveling the Landscape for Diverse Founders and their VCs

Welcome to Equity Raise: Leveling the Landscape for Diverse Founders and their VCs. Each year, less than 3% of venture capital funding is invested in startups led by founders of color and women. 

On this podcast from the American Underground, we’ll learn from some of these entrepreneurs who have successfully raised venture capital, despite the struggles and systemic barriers they’ve faced.
On episode 1, we share the story of an underrepresented founder who did find investment – Denise Woodard, who has raised almost $10M for her company Partake Foods. Denise shares how she started her company and her journey to funding. And we bring on one of her investors, Karen Howland, General Partner at CircleUP, which provides capital and resources to emerging consumer brands. 

Equity Raise is hosted by Naya Fela Powell, presented by American Underground, sponsored by The Diversity Movement, and produced by Earfluence.


Equity Raise Host Naya Powell with Upswing’s Melvin Hines and Investor Andrew Cousins

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