The Startup Hats by David Gardner

Hosted ByDavid Gardner

Earfluence has partnered with Serieal Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist David Gardner to convert his book, "The Startup Hats: Master the Many Roles of the Entrepreneur" into a podcast series and audiobook, sponsored exclusively by Forrest Firm, and now available on Audible and other audiobook platforms.


You’re listening to “The Startup Hats: Master the Many Roles of the Entrepreneur” by David Gardner.

David is a seven-time successful startup entrepreneur who now spends his time advising and investing in early stage companies at his venture capital firm Cofounders Capital. Working with startups ranging from software to breweries, David provides firsthand knowledge of what founders need to know to be successful – how to think critically, master time management, and avoid disastrous mistakes.

In this podcast series, you’ll learn about the 11 hats startup founders need to wear effectively – the Entrepreneur Hat, The Navigator’s Hat, The Banker’s Hat, The Construction Hat, The Marketer’s Hat, The Sales Hat, The Recruiter’s Hat, The Manager’s Hat, The Negotiator’s hat, the Sales Manager’s Hat, and the Leader’s hat. To run a successful startup, you’ll need to wear all of these hats, no matter how heavy they may be, so that one day, the company will grow to the point where you can remove the hats one by one and give them to the team you’ve selected to build upon your foundation.

The Startup Hats is a production of Earfluence and is sponsored by Forrest Firm.