Is Drop-In Childcare a Scalable Business? (Kate’s Korner)

Kate Goodwin, founder of Kate’s Korner Drop-In Childcare in Durham NC, has over 30 years in daycare experience and is ready to take the leap to entrepreneurship.  She’s building a drop-in center that will be open earlier and close later than traditional daycares, and she won’t require monthly commitments. Is this a good idea and a scalable business?  Tune in to find out what the investors think. They are:
Keith Daniel, Resilient Ventures
Robbie Hardy, xElle Ventures
Donald Thompson, Angel Investor and CEO of Walk West
Tim McLoughlin, Cofounders Capital

Startup Stage Podcast Investors Donald Thompson Robbie Hardy Keith Daniel Tim McLoughlin

Donald Thompson, Robbie Hardy, Keith Daniel, and Tim McLoughlin at The University Club. Image by Fancy This Photography

Kate Goodwin Kates Korner Startup Stage Podcast

Kate Goodwin Startup Stage Podcast Kates Korner

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