Josh Jackson: Long Drive Champion

When you think about a football player and a golfer, the images in your head are likely drastically different. For Josh Jackson though, he loved both sports and ended up playing on both of his college teams. And then, he found a way to combine the brute force of football with the concentration and finesse of golf – Josh became a long drive champion.

Today on Getting to the Green, Josh shares his story of becoming a long drive competitor, how much money is available at these events, and if he’d rather win the Super Bowl or a golf major.


Josh Jackson: Do you like a challenge? Go ahead and play golf. And it’s a lot of really, you know, good programs that are going on. People that are trying to band together to make something to where the next generations and everything will we’ll look at golf as a different sport. He’s got to keep adding flair to the sport somehow.

Mackenzie Mack (PODCAST INTRO): Welcome to “Getting to the Green”. The podcast that explores many ways that you can find financial success in the golf industry. From caddies to broadcasters, to engineers, to pro golfers, we share how we’ve navigated the golf business and gotten to the green. I’m your host, Mackenzie Mack, a former professional golfer turn rising golf executive, and a PGA and LPGA class a member. Before this professional golfer, committed to the green, he was a four sport athlete, and a college football player that almost join the NFL. Today I’m talking with Josh Jackson, professional golfer, instructor and long driver.

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