Learning from an illustrious career, with Sally Duby

Sally Duby is one of the Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Executives. Need I say more? Passionate about inside sales and helping others build world-class repeatable and scalable inside sales organizations, she’s a sales force to be reckoned with.

Sally is co-founder and board member of the VP of Sales Forum in the Bay Area, AA-ISP Silicon Valley Chapter Board Member and was named one of the Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Executives, a Forbes Business Council member and a published Forbes writer.

Sally is CSO for The Bridge Group, Inc, today’s most respected and influential inside sales and sales development consultancy working with tech stars such as Coupa Software, Avalara, Bill.com, Dropbox, IBM, CA, Oracle and Autodesk. She is also an advisor to many companies such as WindRiver, Streamsend, Imperva, Galvanize and others. Previously, she was Interim VP of Sales for a SaaS start-up, head of sales for Skype, and ran another inside sales consultancy for 15 years. Sally learned all about inside sales starting as an inside sales rep and working her way up to leadership roles at Oracle in the late 80s and then built and ran inside sales teams at Network General and Ingres.

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