Learning to sell techology, with Heli Nielson

When Heli Nielson started in sales, she was hooked. She began her career in telecommunications at the beginning of the Internet age, and she has been on the forefront of helping large global companies connect their employees, customers, suppliers and partners to each other and to new markets since. In this episode, hear the lessons she’s learned as a saleswoman in tech.

She has worked with technology and business leaders at such iconic companies as Microsoft, Starbucks, Expedia and Nordstrom, and she has sold everything from the first suite of e-commerce software to the first smartphone and 4G wireless technology. Known as a turnaround leader, Heli believes that authentic coaching is the key that unlocks human potential and that everyone has something to offer through collaboration, innovation, and personal striving toward the collective good. Heli’s current role with Information Services Group is centered on helping enterprise sales and business leaders become more successful in competitive pursuits by providing insights from ISG Research in market trends, competitive positioning, pricing, and account intelligence. A desert person through and through, Heli is no good below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, so she lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona. Heli is the proud mom of two amazing humans who are using their vast talents to make the world a better place and considers this her greatest achievement.

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