What NC State’s Jenny Hammond Learned from Season 1 of the Poole Podcast

“I think I felt like I needed to be so perfect and all these things. But I felt as we went on with the season, the better podcasts were the ones where I was more comfortable and it was more of a conversation.”

As chief marketing officer at NC State’s Poole College of Management, Jenny Hammond knew she would be the best host for their new Poole Podcast—but she was nervous.

After one season of the show, it has been a helpful marketing tool for the college and Jenny has learned a lot about what it takes to build a podcast.

“We got pretty darn lucky in our first year as far as guests go,” she said, “but I know that, in season two, we’re going to be bigger and better.”

In this episode, Earfluence Podcast host Cee Cee Huffman and Jenny talk about her podcasting journey and why podcasting is helpful for higher education.

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