How Our Podcasts are Leveraging Dynamic Ads

Here’s how our clients are leveraging dynamic ads. And no, they’re not sllinging Squarespace, Hello Fresh, or MeUndies. 🙂

As we’re working with new clients and starting new shows, we always discuss specific goals, audience and calls to action.

But what happens when the calls-to-action change? What do you do if you announced your June webinar in a podcast episode, but someone is listening to it in September? What if the opening of a new location in Durham in March is still cool, but not as timely as your opening of a new location in Charlotte in December?

Dynamic ads can fix that. Instead of being permanently placed in an episode, dynamic ads can be inserted and adjusted over time. Meaning, that ad for your webinar in June can be replaced with an ad for your webinar in January—even if you uploaded the episode last May! 

How are our clients using dynamic ads?  Well…

The Weddings for Real podcast has a library of content with 165 episodes. On every episode, whether released last week or in 2018, begins with an ad sharing that The Planners Vault doors are opening in February 2022. And when the doors close, we will replace that ad with one for another project she’s working on instead!


The Diversity Movement is hiring, and they’re sharing that on their podcasts. Each episode of each show—Diversity Beyond the CheckboxThe Donald Thompson Podcast and Winning with Diversity—opens with an ad about TDM hiring. But, when they’ve filled their positions, they can replace the ad with one for an upcoming webinar. 

What would you do with a dynamic ad?

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