Making the scary leap to entrepreneurship, with Larry Long Jr

In December 2019, Larry Long Jr was comfortable. He had been successful in corporate sales, and even had a few speaking gigs on the side where he would tell the audience to take a chance and follow their dreams. But when he looked in the mirror, he realized he wasn’t following his own advice.  So in 2020, he took the scary leap to entrepreneurship.


Dana: Welcome to Hustle and Gather, a podcast about inspiring the everyday entrepreneur to take the leap. I’m Dana, 

Courtney: and I’m Courtney, 

Dana: and we’re two sisters who love business. On this show, we talk about the ups and downs with the hustle and the reward at the end of the journey 

Courtney: And we know all the challenges that come with starting a business. Between operating our wedding venue, doing speaking and consulting, and starting our luxury wedding planning company, we wake up and hustle every day.

Dana: but we love what we do. And today we’re talking with Larry Long Junior. The founder and CEO, Chief Energy Officer of LLJR enterprises, which focuses on sales motivation and inspiration, as well as team training.

He is the host of the Midweek Midday Motivational Minute, and also co-founder and lead instructor of the Sales Allies, an online sales training course and supportive community designed to uplift the sales community. Larry is extremely passionate about coaching and helping professionals take their game to the next level.

Larry, welcome to Hustle and Gather.

Larry: Oh come on now. H and G in the house. I’m happy to be here.

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Hustle and Gather is hosted by Courtney Hopper and Dana Kadwell, and is produced by Earfluence.  Courtney and Dana’s hustles include C&D Events, Hustle and Gather, and The Bradford Wedding Venue.

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