NCAA Champion Tar Heels Sam Perkins and George Lynch will not “Shut Up and Dribble”

Sam Perkins and George Lynch are Tar Heel legends and NCAA basketball national champions – Sam in ’82 and George in ’93. As Black athletes, Sam and George have had to navigate whether to stand up for what’s right or to stay quiet on the issues that matter.

Today, Dr. Debby Stroman talks to Sam and George about their experiences as players, coaches, and parents, how athletes today can use their voices, and how Coach Dean Smith would have reacted to the racial tension in our country.


Dr. Deborah Stroman: Welcome to If You Only Knew with Dr. Debby Stroman and I am on a high because I’ve got two Tarheel legends, George Lynch and Sam Perkins with me today. And we are talking about what athletes can do, should do, in terms of racial matters in this country. So first off, George, thank you so much for being here. Tell me what’s going on in your life. What are you up to?

George Lynch: Well, since I’m no longer coaching at Clark Atlanta, I started a nonprofit to help students at HBCUs — you know, my experience at, at, at Clark the two years that I was there, was very eye opening. It showed me the lack of resources that HBCUs have to deal with on a daily basis and the challenges that students and student-athletes have on campus.

Dr. Deborah Stroman: Well, there is no doubt that there is more attention to HBCUs now. And I think that is also another response to the George Floyd video and a lot of people saying, “What can we do to bring more equity?” And I think, you know, the work that’s going on for the NCAA, the final game, and then of course the NBA All-Star Game where we started elevating HBCUs. So, we appreciate your work in that. Sam, what have you been up to?

Sam Perkins: Well, I’ve been trying to stay low down in Texas.

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