New Interactive Live Stream Puts Your ACC Basketball Knowledge to the Test

  • All you know is that the guest each week is a former ACC Basketball star, but we’re not going to tell you who. 
  • Social media influencer and former Raleigh sports anchor Penn Holderness is in the dark as well, and will have 20 yes or no questions to figure out the mystery guest, all while fans compete along for prizes.
  • A portion of all sponsorship revenue goes to the guest’s charity of choice
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Guess the Guest Live - ACC Basketball

Raleigh, N.C. — A new weekly live stream hosted by award-winning content creator Penn Holderness will keep audiences guessing by keeping guests’ identities secret from audiences until the episode’s debut.  In each episode, Holderness only knows that the guest is a former ACC basketball player or coach, and he has 20 yes or no questions to uncover their secret identity.

And while we can’t divulge too much about the guests, the former ACC athletes are a who’s who of national champions, jerseys-raised-to-the-rafters players, and maybe even a former player of the year or two.

In on the guests’ secret identities is former Capitol Broadcasting and SB Nation host Candace Cooper, who will join in on the fun each week. And between Holderness’ over one million followers and Cooper’s sports connections, audiences will be wondering who they’ll see next.

How are we able to get the best of the best? Earfluence CEO Jason Gillikin says it’s in part because of the show’s social impact. Guess the Guest Live’s audiences will not only reminisce on sports history with some of the world’s most talented athletes each week, but they’ll also learn about how these stars are doing social good in their communities. 

“I’d be a huge fan of the show if I wasn’t involved, but what we’re doing is creating something more important than just a fun show,” Gillikin said. “With 50% of the sponsorship revenue going to the guest’s charity of choice, we’re attracting some of the biggest names in ACC basketball history, but we’re also able to truly make a difference.”

“It’s a unique experience to see old players who did so much on the court and on the field,” Cooper said, “but are now taking those skills and utilizing them for their communities, for their friends or their families, especially in a time when a lot of people just need help.”

Guess the Guest Live will tip-off Tuesday, Sept. 15 at 7 p.m. and air weekly. Visit for more information, or to join in on the fun!

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