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Donald Thompson, serial entrepreneur, mentor, and diversity-in-the-workplace trailblazer, chose Earfluence to amplify his influence for more speaking opportunities, business development initiatives, and networking with established leaders.

Now Available on Audiobook: The Startup Hats, by David Gardner

The Startup Hats: Master the Many Roles of the Entrepreneur, by serial entrepreneur turned venture capitalist David Gardner, is now available on audiobook. On this feed is Chapter 1: The Entrepreneur Hat. The entire audiobook is available on Google Play.

David is a 6X successful startup founder who now runs Cofounders Capital, which has now invested over $40M in North Carolina tech startups.  In Startup Hats, David provides an easily digestible resource to growing your company based on the many different hats you need to wear every single day.

The Startup Hats is a production of Earfluence.