On-Demand Spa Services (Naya Powell, Spa Utopia)

Spa Utopia is an on-demand spa service which partners with contractor spa therapists to deliver massages, facials, and any other spa services to your home, office, hotel…anywhere…all over the United States.

Founder Naya Powell is projecting almost a billion dollars in revenue for Spa Utopia by year 10 in business. But to get there, she’s looking to raise $750,000 in her initial seed round.

Startup Stage Podcast Naya Powell Spa Utopia

Will the investors believe her vision for what the business could be?
Today’s investors are:
Keith Daniel, Resilient Ventures
Robbie Hardy, xElle Ventures
Grant Williard, Angel Investor and Founder of JouleBug
Tim McLoughlin, Cofounders Capital

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