From Live In-Person Event to Podcast: Executive Women’s Day, from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina

At the SAS Championship Executive Women’s Day, presented by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, Earfluence brought the studio and recorded 6 education-packed interviews from the speakers and panelists. One week later, we have a studio-quality, professionally-produced podcast that we’re excited to share.  Read More >

Building Brands One Conversation at a Time


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Yes you CAN monetize your podcast without 10K downloads / episode, with’s Arielle Nissenblatt

We’ve all heard the classic podcast ads: HelloFresh, MeUndies, Express VPN. It might feel like you need to be Joe Rogan to find sponsors for your podcast, but there...

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19. Maggie Kane, A Place at the Table

In January 2018, Raleigh native Maggie Kane opened Raleigh’s first pay-what-you-can cafe, A Place at the Table. Today she talks to Caroline and Craig about the why and how...

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159: Emotional Marketing, with Renee Sabo

When a couple is considering which vendors to go with, they look at a lot of different factors. Weddings you’ve worked before, website, social media, reviews, price point, the...

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No Fear: Lessons from Lebanon to Life Sciences with Dr. Moise Khayrallah

Moise Khayrallah grew up in Lebanon, and saw firsthand what real danger looks like as bombs exploded nearby during the Lebanese Civil War. Upon coming to America, Moise had...

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Building a DEI Culture, with The Diversity Movement’s Jackie Ferguson

“If you’re not intentional about the culture you’re creating, it will create itself.”  Jackie Ferguson is the co-founder of The Diversity Movement, and she’s seen companies want to build...

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Inclusive Hiring and the Fallacy of the Binary Race Narrative, with Pendo’s Jess Jolley

Growing up in rural North Carolina, people would always ask Jess Jolley, “What are you?” or “What are you mixed with?”  In the South, you were either white, Black,...

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6. How a hotline is transforming breastfeeding culture and access to care in Appalachia

In the Appalachian region, poverty is a huge concern. Too often, pregnant women miss appointments because they don’t have the money for gas. Or they’ll have a baby on...

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Boundaries, Mental Health, and Manifestations with Melinda Jackson

When Melinda Jackson graduated from college, it was time to move to Los Angeles to get out of North Carolina and onto a bigger stage. But she knew no...

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