Perfecting the Partnership, with Rock Paper Coin’s Nora and Elizabeth Sheils

When sisters-in-law Nora and Elizabeth Sheils started Rock Paper Coin in 2018, they quickly found that running a software company was nothing like running a typical wedding industry business. First and foremost, they needed funding, which was going well – until an investor backed out at the last minute.  In today’s episode, Nora and Elizabeth talk about how they scrambled to make payroll, the stress of fundraising, and how they separate tasks to (try to) perfect the partnership.


Nora Shiels: I know Elizabeth is working so hard and she’s so busy that even if I am overwhelmed, I wouldn’t necessarily want to put any of my stuff that I should be doing on her because maybe that’s gonna put her over that, you know.

Elizabeth Shiels: I wish it was that formal. Usually it’s me like, I’m so fucking done like, I’m over this.

Courtney Hopper: I’m selling you my share.

Elizabeth Shiels: Yeah, totally or like I called her crying.

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