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In today’s Conversations with Sisters, Courtney and Dana unpack last week’s episode with Nichole Lowe. Specifically, why do we think small sometimes to protech ourselves from rejection?  Plus, everybody’s favorite new game, “You Might be an Entrepreneur if…”

If you haven’t listened to the conversation with Zoee (formerly SoleLife) CEO Nichole Lowe, it’s the episode before this one, on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or any other podcast app.



Dana: Welcome to Hustle and Gather, a podcast about inspiring the everyday entrepreneur to take the leap. I’m Dana 

Courtney: and I’m Courtney.

Dana: And we are two sisters who love business. On this show we talk about the ups and downs to the hustle and the reward at the end of the journey. 

Courtney: And we know challenges that come with starting a business between operating our buddy venue, doing, speaking, and consulting and starting our luxury wedding planning company. We wake up and hustle every day, 

Courtney: And today we’re talking just the two of us about last week’s episode with Nichole Lowe, CEO and owner of Solelife. Solelife is the first telecoach digital ecosystem to help coaches increase growth and profitability while serving their clients. If you haven’t heard last week’s episode, go give it a listen and come back to hear our thoughts.

Dana: All right, Court let’s get started. 

Courtney: So, I love what I loved about this episode and about Nicole in general is that she has had like many versions of herself, whether it was. A producer, a film producer, or a sales person at a fortune 500 company, and now starting a tech company. Can you even imagine? But she really identifies herself, not as those things, but as an entrepreneur. So, it made me think “you might be an entrepreneur if…” Like a little game. So, dana, you might be an entrepreneur if you have bags under your eyes,

Dana:  you see your team more than you see your family. 

Courtney: That’s true. When you get that big paycheck, you can’t actually spend it. 

Dana: You dream of vacation 

Courtney: What else? You might be an entrepreneur if… 

Dana: you’re worried about taxes all the time, you know, way more like legal jargon than you ever thought you would know in your life. 

Courtney: Oh yes. I cornered a tax accountant at a party the other day, cause I wanted to know all the inside scoop on what’s going on. This is taxes next year. I know, it was a very interesting conversation and lasted like 30 minutes. 

I think that’s it. It’s a good game. Good job Dana. You might be an entrepreneur if… No, I totally identify with that, and there were couple of years ago that I realized that it wasn’t necessarily, well people asking what do you do, right? 

And I put down event planner, and I feel like I realized I was like, I’m not really an event planner like that doesn’t really scratch the surface of what I do, right. I’m an entrepreneur. 

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