Podcast PR, with Melinda Jackson PR’s Melinda Jackson

Melinda Jackson takes a unique approach to public relations, and she’s seen the value that podcasting can have for her clients. In this episode, Jason and Cee Cee talk with Melinda about how her 10 years of PR in Los Angeles prepared her to serve her clients back in N.C. and how podcasting is a part of it.

The Earfluence Podcast is a production of Earfluence Media and is hosted by Jason Gillikin and Cee Cee Huffman.

Amplify Your Expertise
About the Author
At Earfluence, we are proud to produce this podcast. We believe in sharing amazing stories, providing knowledge to the world, and celebrating diverse voices. Through podcasting, our clients are amplifying their expertise, expanding their networks, building a content engine, and growing their influence. If you're interested in podcasting, we'd love to hear from you! Schedule your free 15 minute podcast consult today.