How Podcasting Changed My Career

In early 2018, I had never even listened to a podcast. I had no interest—why listen to people talking when there’s music that can pump me up for my run or get me through folding laundry or driving to my next appointment?  

But my husband kept telling me I had stories to tell and that I’d be “good at podcasting,” whatever that meant.  So, reflecting back on that time—and it was all a blur because we’d just had our third baby—maybe it was because it was a fun project we could do together, maybe it was so he would stop annoying me, maybe it was because I was hallucinating from little sleep. Whatever the reason, I said “Yes, let’s go for it.”

And let me tell you, starting a podcast has been the most impactful decision I ever made in my career.

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Podcasting has allowed me to:

  1. Network with people I would’ve NEVER had conversations with;
  2. Build content for social media, my membership site (more on that later), and maybe even a future book;
  3. Become a better interviewer and storyteller;
  4. Positively impact people who would otherwise be strangers while helping them grow their business
  5. Get recognized at networking events. It’s bizarre how I’ll introduce myself to people and they’ll be like, “Oh, I know who you are,” all because of the podcast. Sometimes I feel like a Z-list celebrity!

All of that’s awesome, but here’s the bottom line of how podcasting has completely changed my career: I have built a demand for an entire other source of revenue in my business as well as a new consulting  brand that was born during a pandemic and is continuing to thrive and grow in 2021. 

Almost immediately after starting Weddings for Real, listeners were reaching out asking if I could be their wedding industry coach. Yes, absolutely—I love that stuff. I have discovered that my calling is truly to help other entrepreneurs with their time management, mental health and the juggling of their business and personal lives. I am in no way perfect, but, in the past few years through podcasting and finding my voice as a thought leader in my industry, I’ve discovered a new passion and built a new six-figure revenue generator in my business.Megan Gillikin Catersource

As the coaching arm of my business grew, I could no longer serve everyone who wanted my time. So, I decided to launch The Planner’s Vault, an online membership site for wedding planners to guide them through the early years of their business so they don’t have to make all the same mistakes I did 11 years ago.  Through a pandemic that temporarily devastated my wedding planning business, The Planner’s Vault grew to over 350 members and continues to flourish. It’s such an incredible community and I feel so lucky to serve them.

Podcasting also opened doors to speaking engagements across the country at event industry conferences as well as connections made through interviews that opened doors I never even knew existed before. 

All of this because of podcasting, and I’m even thinking of starting another podcast soon because of what’s happened with the first one. 

More on that another time.

If you’re reading this and you’re thinking, “Yeah but there are already 2.5M podcasts out there— I’ll never be a viral hit.”  You’re absolutely right, you won’t, and I’m in no way a viral hit, either.  I reach the niche audience that needs my help, and that’s exactly what you can do as well. 

My advice to you? Just press record. There are people out there right now who are just waiting to hear your message. But until you stop thinking about it and just do it, they won’t get that opportunity to connect with you and who knows what other doors could open for you in the process. 

It could be career altering and the game changer in your business. You got this, friend. Just press record.

Wedding Planner, Coach, Speaker, and Podcaster
About the Author
Megan Gillikin is a veteran wedding planner, podcast host and international speaker dedicated to making life easier for her fellow wedding pros. Her love for mentoring blossomed from her tumultuous entrepreneurship journey: In 2010 Megan purchased her planning business, A Southern Soiree, and revived the struggling brand into one of North Carolina’s most sought-after firms serving a luxury clientele. Between her own experiences and hearing others’ stories first-hand as the host of the Weddings For Real podcast, Megan now offers new wedding planners an easier way to grow their businesses through her education and community membership, The Planner’s Vault. She has captivated audiences with her warm, personable style as a speaker at events like Wedding MBA, Catersource, WIPA, NACE and others. You can find Megan online at, and