Pro Basketball Perspectives: Analytics, Leadership, and Mental Health, with NBA Charlotte Hornets VP Seth Bennett

The decisions made in the NBA front offices aren’t easy – and many of them have nothing to do with player trades or free agent signings. When other NBA teams were in the Bubble in Orlando, how did the Charlotte Hornets react? How does the front office view business intelligence and analytics when not everyone buys in? And when players protest, what should the executives do?  Dr Debby Stroman sits down with Charlotte Hornets VP of Consumer Engagement Seth Bennett.


Dr Debby Stroman: Welcome to If You Only Knew, and I’m so excited to have a dear friend, Mr. Seth Bennett, the Senior Vice President of the NBA, Charlotte Hornets. Welcome to the show, Seth.

Seth Bennett: Deb, great to see you. Always wonderful to spend time with you. And I’m humbled that you’ve asked me to participate today. So, I’m looking forward to chatting and catching up with you a little bit. 

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