Q&A: Convergence of Wetland Science and Technology: GPS Receivers Paired with Field Apps

Today we follow up on episode 3, with a Q&A from our guests.

Technology impacts the way we live and work. Natural resources consulting is no exception. Today we discuss cutting edge Bluetooth-enabled, sub-meter accurate, GPS receivers that wetland scientists are pairing with their field applications.  Learn about several of the receivers currently available, and how to pair to a mobile device.  Listen to several case studies completed by fellow wetland scientists utilizing paired GPS receivers with field applications.

Jeremy Schewe, PWS, Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer,  Ecobot


  • Caitlin Burke, Environmental Consultant, GHA
  • Scott Denham, Permitting Manager, ESI
  • Olivia Haney, Assistant Environmental Scientists, Burns & McDonnell
  • Kyle Halchin, PE, Ecological/Water Resources Engineer, Kimley-Horn
  • Jean-Yves Lauture, Chief Technical Officer, Eos Positioning Systems, Inc.
  • York Grow, MGIS Sales Manager, Duncan-Parnell Inc.Topics:
  • What types and makes of Bluetooth-enabled GPS receivers are wetland scientists using for fieldwork?
  • Learn how to pair a GPS to a mobile device and how to record data in an application.
  • Case studies of Bluetooth-enabled GPS receivers paired with hardware and applications?The Ecobot Podcast is edited and produced by Earfluence.

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