Q&A: Future of Wetland Mitigation Banking

In this episode, we follow up on last week’s conversation around the current state of affairs around wetland mitigation banking and respective policy with bankers, consultants, and policy makers. We also introduce how some bankers, regulators, and consultants are leveraging technology to reduce risk and increase resiliency in due diligence planning, bank design, implementation, and monitoring.

Jeremy Schewe, PWS, Chief Scientific Officer,Β  Ecobot
Daniel Martin, Consultant/Project Manager, Esri

Presenters & Panelists:
Drew Haley, Director of Operations, Mitigation Resources of North America
Victoria Colangelo, CEO, The Mitigation Banking Group, Inc.
Susan-Marie Stedman, MS, Wetland Scientist/Policy Analyst, NOAA
Kae Hovater, President, Florida Association of Mitigation Bankers
Nichoel Church, PWS, Environmental Scientist, Snyder & Associates, Inc.
Tara Allden, J.D., Natural Resources Specialist, Kimley-Horn
Michael Sprague, CEO, Trout Headwaters, Inc.

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