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Donald Thompson, serial entrepreneur, mentor, and diversity-in-the-workplace trailblazer, chose Earfluence to amplify his influence for more speaking opportunities, business development initiatives, and networking with established leaders.

Season 1 – Episode 005. From Homeless to Hustler

David Pratt is the definition of a hustler and his success comes from being hungry. After being let go from his civil engineering job in Atlanta, David fell on hard times where was living out of his car and squatting in empty homes. He was relentless though, and always knew he would find a away to make it. In this episode, you’ll understand that your curent situation doesn’t have to be your destiny. David talks about what inspired him to start his own video production company that he wants to become the biggest production studio on the east coast. And by the way, if you’ve never tasted his pies from his other company, David’s Dream Pies, you are really missing out!