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Future-proof your leadership with The Donald Thompson Podcast, a place where business leaders (whether by title or aspiration) share cheat codes for unlocking workplace excellence, lessons learned along the way, and insider tips for future generations of next-level professionals.

With two decades of experience leading and growing multi-million dollar firms, host Donald Thompson is a serial entrepreneur and investor who worked his way to success with hustle and humility. He’s an expert in goal achievement, influencing company culture, and driving exponential growth. A Certified Diversity Executive, Donald is also CEO and co-founder of The Diversity Movement, a multi award-winning product-driven consultancy which offers an employee-experience product suite to personalize diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) through data, technology, and expert-curated content.

Each week on The Donald Thompson Podcast, he talks leadership, competitive learning, diversity and inclusion, and business growth through personal development with guests who are shaping the future of work. Find him on Linkedin, and listen here to learn how you can become future-proof too.

Season 1 – Episode 007. The Recipe For Success: Clients, Culture, and Community.

North Carolina native, James Forrest left his role at one of the largest corporate law firms in the state to strike out on his own almost ten years ago. That leap of faith is something to be admired and with his personal relationships, grit, and hustle, James Forrest has built one of the largest single owner firms in our area, boasting almost 2,500 clients, over 50 attorneys, and 7 offices across North Carolina. If you think listening to a lawyer for 40 minutes wouldn’t be that interesting, you haven’t met one of the coolest guys on the planet in James Forrest. In this episode, you will learn what he focuses on for success – clients, culture, and community.



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