Beyond the Obituary

Hosted ByJason Gillikin

Renaissance Funeral Home, a community focused family-run business, chose Earfluence to differentiate their funeral home from competitors, tell unique and amazing life stories, and give their clients an unmatched and memorable customer experience.

A one page obituary can never truly capture someone’s story. In this podcast we talk to the loved ones of those who have passed on, giving them a safe space to share their memories, laughter, and tears. At some point in our lives, everyone is touched by grief.  Beyond the Obituary gives people a safe place to share their personal story and grief journey. Brought to you by Renaissance Funeral Home in Raleigh, NC.


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1: Jonathan Hill, The Pilot, 9/27/71 – 12/5/14: Loving Husband, Son, Friend, and Father of 3

Welcome to the first episode of the Beyond the Obituary. On this podcast from Renaissance Funeral Home in Raleigh North Carolina, we go beyond the obituary to get a...

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The Beyond the Obituary Podcast from Renaissance Funeral Home in Raleigh NC is a place where friends and family members come to tell their stories of loved ones who...