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In the Thick of It

Hosted ByHCM Society

Tune into our bi-monthly podcast where we interview experts in the field to broaden the awareness of new HCM studies & advancements!

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The Factor

Hosted ByAgilis by Kymanox

Showcasing various viewpoints within the pharmaceutical, medical device and combination product industries to promote best practices in creating safer medical products for the end user.

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Payments Nerds

Hosted ByGregory MacSweeney

We are proud to be payments nerds – we love sharing perspectives on all things payments. The Payments Nerds podcast features expert guests who explore the most important issues, topics and trends to consider in payments today. If you are a payments nerd too, or are a little bit curious about what’s going on the payments world, just download the…

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Illogical by Truth

Hosted ByTerrance Ruth

Hosted by Terrance Ruth, this podcast decodes the language, decisions and hidden areas of local power that often seems illogical to residents. Our goal is to empower people to engage locally and to understand how significant it is to be aware and active at the local level. Once local government is logical, it will become meaningful and provide the benefits…

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On the Real Estate, with Kelley Dubois

Hosted ByKelley Dubois

A show for Real Estate Agents at any level, Buyers, Sellers and anyone interested in learning more about this crazy industry. On the Real Estate is hosted by Kelley Dubois and is produced by Earfluence.

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Revolutionary Optimism

Hosted ByDr. Paul Zeitz

To respond to the challenging times we are living through, physician, humanitarian and social justice advocate Dr. Paul Zeitz has identified a new syndrome called Revolutionary Optimism: an infectious, self-created way of thinking and living on the path of love. Tune in to learn how to unleash your personal power and #unify with others to build movements that catalyze bold…

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Hustle & Gather

Hosted ByDana Kadwell & Courtney Hopper

Sister entrepreneurs Dana Kadwell and Courtney Hopper talk about the ups and downs of the hustle, and the reward at the end of the journey. Life starts at the edge of our comfort zone, and that’s what running a business is about - it’s completely uncomfortable and yet thrilling at the same time. Hear Dana and Courtney talk about the…

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The Deal Closers

Hosted ByIzach Porter

Welcome to The Deal Closers Podcast - a show about how to build your ecommerce business to be profitable, scalable, and one day, even sellable. Hosted by Izach Porter from, and produced by Earfluence.

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The Pivot

The Pivot features stories of impact, discovery and surprise in public health. A production of the Gillings School of Global Public Health at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

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Event Horizons

After a long and painful hiatus, live events are back - the hand-shaking, the galas, the panels, the happy hours, and the in-person energy. But with so many of us comfortable staying at home, how do we navigate the future of events? The technology is ready, but how do we leverage the right tools to create the best virtual, live,…

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A Year and a Day: Divorce Without Destruction

Hosted ByJaime Davis

A board-certified family law attorney, Jaime Davis and her guests provide information and tips for getting through a separation and divorce without destroying family relationships or finances. From marriage therapists and financial planners to private investigators and parenting coordinators, learn how to navigate divorce without destruction.

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Hosted ByDr. Mike Trenk

Hi I'm Mike! Along with being a dad by day, I'm also a mental health counselor by night in my own private practice. So I get to see not just my own personal ups and downs of being a dad, but I get to see other families and dads and trying to figure out their day-to-day struggles. As a clinician…

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Parenting Translator

Hosted ByDr. Cara Goodwin

I’m Dr. Cara Goodwin, child psychologist and mom of three. Parents, here’s the problem. We face questions each moment of the day about what is best for our children but we lack the time to research each and every question we face. My primary goal is to get research-backed information into your hands that is accurate, relevant, and helpful. As…

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Don’t Ask the Blind Guy for Directions

This memoir tells the story of John's journey of self-discovery and perseverance as he embarks on a 30,000-mile bike ride across America, despite being blind. John, who lost his vision at a young age, has always been determined to live life on his own terms. In this book, he shares the struggles and triumphs he experienced while cycling through some…

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The Bull City Summit

On this podcast, we extend the conversations from the Summit, with interviews from the panelists, speakers and artists of BCS. The Southeast's leading and cutting-edge creatives, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, and futurists alike gather as the worlds of Music, Art, Science, and Technology converge in Durham, NC.

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The One Lost Ministry

Hosted ByTroy & Michelle Manns

The Founders of The One Lost, husband and wife team Troy and Michelle Manns, are focused on changing the world, one life at a time. The One Lost Ministry's mission and purpose is to empower the lost and less fortunate to cope spiritually, emotionally, and physically to improve their living conditions and build self-efficacy.

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Hosted ByMary Blanks & Alex Krawchick

Join us for illuminating conversations with the brightest minds in B2B while we explore the rewarding and challenging parts of generating revenue as a team sport across sales, marketing, customer success, and beyond. Powered by Klearly and hosted by Mary Blanks and Alex Krawchick.

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Learn with Dr. Emily

Hosted ByDr. Emily King

Welcome to Learn with Dr. Emily, the podcast. Where parents and teachers come together for neurodivergent youth. I’m your host, Dr. Emily King, child psychologist and former school psychologist specializing in raising and teaching children and teens diagnosed with autism, ADHD, anxiety, learning disabilities, and/or giftedness. Each week, I share my thoughts on a topic related to psychology, parenting, education,…

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Open Source Sustainability

Hosted ByAlex Lassiter

We interview sustainability leaders across industries to learn what they are working on and how they are steering their companies toward a climate-friendly world.

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Stepping up STEM

Hosted ByDr. Pamela McCauley

On Stepping Up STEM, host Dr. Pamela McCauley explores the intersection of science, technology, engineering and math, and the barriers marginalized communities face within these fields. Join her as she sits down with impactful and passionate leaders making a difference in STEM education, innovation and entrepreneurship as they share their experiences and insights on how to create a more inclusive…

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