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Below are some of the podcasts that we are proud to produce. If you think your brand exposure could grow by podcasting, we’d love to hear from you!

Unstoppable, with Cynthia Barnes

Hosted ByCynthia Barnes

Cynthia Barnes is is the Founder and CEO of the National Association of Women Sales Professionals (NAWSP), the nation’s only organization dedicated to helping women sales professionals reach the Top 1%.  She recognized as a LinkedIn Top Sales Influencer and has appeared in over 250 major media outlets around the nation – including appearances in the Wall Street Journal.  On this…

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Winning with Diversity

Hosted ByShelley Wllingham

Welcome to Winning with Diversity! This podcast will help YOU be the diversity champion in your business. We bring on experts from The Diversity Movement, plus DEI allies and thought leaders to give you actionable insights into how to align diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives to your overall business goals to positively impact the bottom line. Our first series is…

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Founded Connect

Hosted ByRaleigh Founded Team

A place where our local resource providers at Raleigh Founded and our members can connect! In these episodes, our RF resource providers here in the Triangle will talk about their services, provide valuable insight, and answer frequently asked questions regarding their area of expertise for the entrepreneurial community. Looking for something specific? Check out each episode description to learn more…

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Meet the Pride, with Emma Gillikin

Hosted ByEmma Gillikin

3rd grader Emma Gillikin talks to students and faculty of Leesville Elementary School.

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Finding Life’s Rhythm: The Walter Harris Story

Hosted ByCiera Thompson

Walter Harris is the lead drummer in one of the most iconic groups in the world - Preservation Hall Jazz Band in New Orleans. Walter is sharing his energy, vibration, and God-given ability with the jazz community. It's a life he could have never imagined. Except he did - 20 years earlier as he was lying in his prison cell.

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First Check, with Venture Capitalist Tim McLoughlin

Hosted ByTim McLoughlin

Welcome to First Check, a podcast so you can learn how to be the next great venture capitalist or angel investor. As a partner at Cofounders Capital, host of First Check Tim McLoughlin has invested over $43 million in startups, and on this podcast, Tim shares what works and what doesn’t, so you can be ready to write your first…

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Hustle + Gather

Hosted ByDana Kadwell & Courtney Hopper

Sister entrepreneurs Dana Kadwell and Courtney Hopper talk about the ups and downs of the hustle, and the reward at the end of the journey. Life starts at the edge of our comfort zone, and that’s what running a business is about - it’s completely uncomfortable and yet thrilling at the same time. Hear Dana and Courtney talk about the…

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Poole Podcast from NC State Poole College of Management

Hosted ByJenny Hammond

At North Carolina State University’s Poole College of Management, we’re on a mission to create an innovative and collaborative intellectual environment. By balancing industry and academia, we’re developing and supporting leaders with entrepreneurial mindsets and the skills to solve our world’s problems. On this podcast, we’ll talk with faculty and industry leaders to share how thought leadership can be transformative…

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Quacks and Hypochondriacs with Dr Bill Ferro

Hosted ByDr Bill Ferro

Quacks and Hypochondriacs is about being serious about not being serious about health.

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The Dental Experience Podcast

Hosted ByRyan Vet

A Dental Podcast All About Creating Experiences Worth Sharing No matter your role, as dental professionals, it is our responsibility to provide exemplary patient experience and care. In each episode of this dental podcast we will hear from experts on how to create a positive patient experience while simultaneously growing your practice.

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You are TechY with Ellen Twomey

Hosted ByEllen Twomey

Empowering, supporting and educating women (especially moms) to and through tech is our mission. We offer training, interviews and strategies to help you find the tech job of your dreams!

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Vision of a Champion with Anson Dorrance

Hosted ByAnson Dorrance

"The vision of a champion is someone who is bent over, drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion when nobody else is watching.” On the Vision of a Champion Podcast, 22 time national champion and 8 time coach of the year Anson Dorrance - along with co-hosts Dean Linke and Natalie Bode - talk about what it means to…

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If You Only Knew…with Dr. Debby Stroman

Hosted ByDr Debby Stroman

Dr. Debby Stroman has witnessed the intersection of sports and racism her entire life. She's former basketball player and team captain at UVA, UNC coach, board member at the Advancement for Blacks in Sports (ABIS), consultant to former professional athletes through their transitions from athletics to a career, business ownership, and/or the completion of an academic degree, and now a…

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Founder Shares

Hosted ByTrevor Schmidt

At Hutchison PLLC, we work with founders and entrepreneurs as they fight and grind and stress and push to bring their visions to reality. We are inspired by their incredible stories of success, of failure, of reworking and trying again. We get to see this every day through our work, helping technology and life science companies start up, operate, get…

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Guess the Guest Live – ACC Basketball

Hosted ByPenn Holderness

Think you know your ACC Basketball? Fans, each week our mystery guest is a former ACC basketball star, and host Penn Holderness has 20 Yes or No Questions to figure it out, while you compete along for prizes! The live stream airs Tuesays at 9PM on the 99.9 WRALSportsFan Facebook Page!

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Startup Stage

Hosted BySharon McCloud

Startup founders who haven’t had access to capital, dream chasers who don’t have the network to get in front of venture capitalists, underrepresented entrepreneurs who will give their best pitch for their companies in front of 5 Triangle (Raleigh Durham NC) investors who can make their dreams a reality. But are the entrepreneurs ready? And will the investors share the…

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The Earfluence Podcast

Hosted ByJason Gillikin

A podcast from a full-service podcast production company on how to make a podcast and other news about podcasting.

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Authenticity is Contagious

Hosted ByKathleen O'Grady

Authentic Leadership Coach Kathleen O'Grady (Raleigh Coaching Academy) talks about choosing your authentic self to live a calmer life, by becoming a more heart-centered person, leader, partner, and friend.

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Diversity Beyond the Checkbox

Hosted ByThe Diversity Movement Team

Sharing diverse perspectives from leaders in their industry, what diversity means, why businesses should be focused on diversity and inclusion initiatives, and why D&I is not only the right thing to do, going beyond the checkbox is absolutely imperative to the growth of your company.

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The Startup Hats by David Gardner

Hosted ByDavid Gardner

Earfluence has partnered with Serial Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist David Gardner to convert his book, "The Startup Hats: Master the Many Roles of the Entrepreneur" into a podcast series and audiobook, sponsored exclusively by Forrest Firm, and now available on Audible and other audiobook platforms.

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Talk West Podcast

Hosted ByWalk West

Walk West is the fastest growing agency in North Carolina, on the Inc 5000 list two years in a row. Find out what makes the agency unique to work with and work for in this podcast featuring sales and marketing thought leaders to help you grow your business. 

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The Donald Thompson Podcast

Hosted ByDonald Thompson

Donald Thompson, serial entrepreneur, mentor, and diversity-in-the-workplace trailblazer, chose Earfluence to amplify his influence for more speaking opportunities, business development initiatives, and networking with established leaders.

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Beyond the Obituary

Hosted ByJason Gillikin

Renaissance Funeral Home, a community focused family-run business, chose Earfluence to differentiate their funeral home from competitors, tell unique and amazing life stories, and give their clients an unmatched and memorable customer experience.

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Backstage at DPAC

Hosted ByTaylor Zansberg

DPAC, the center for live entertainment in NC, chose Earfluence to generate excitement for upcoming shows, share in-depth, backstage conversations with talent, and add audio to its omni-channel marketing strategy.

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Weddings for Real

Hosted ByMegan Gillikin

A Southern Soiree, voted Best Local Wedding Planner by IndyWeek, chose Earfluence to build a voice amplification platform to create national consulting, coaching, and speaking opportunities.

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