Sibling Thrivalry, with Creative Allies CEO Amie Thompson

Creative Allies CEO Amie Thompson is a natural introvert who has developed into a leader. She’s a natural workaholic who has learned how to delegate while allowing others to fail. And in 2020, she has led Creative Allies through the pandemic to offer a more well-rounded small business solution package to their clients.  Oh, and she’s Donald’s sister (which means you’ll want to stick around to the end for some hilarious sibling stories!).

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Donald Thompson: Welcome to the Donald Thompson Podcast. I’m very encouraged, excited today to have the CEO of Creative Allies here with us, Ms. Amie Thompson. Amie, welcome.

Amie Thompson: Thank you.

Donald Thompson: One of the things that we’re going to get into today is we are going to talk about entrepreneurship, we’re going to talk about your role as CEO of Creative Allies; an African-American female that is succeeding in the marketing space.

Which is both accolades to you, but equally as important, what are some of the things that you’ve had to push through and learn, right, to become a CEO? And so let’s go ahead and dive in.

Amie Thompson: Okay.

Donald Thompson: As we get into the conversation, I want our audience to get to know you. So tell them a little bit about Amie Thompson.

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