Stat Smack, Cockroaches, and a $50K Grant, with Wrangle’s Adam Smith

Adam Smith is the co-founder of, which was recently awarded a $50,000 grant from NC IDEA – and is on its way to being a game changing technology. Adam has had an interesting entrepreneurial path, especially to sports and fantasy sports fans out there.

Today on the show, Adam and Tim talk about Adam’s new venture and hearing “no” from investors almost a hundred times, the responsibility of a founder to truly know when the money will run out and when they will need more money, and what entrepreneurs need to be looking for in their first hires – and what investors should want from them too.


Voiceover: Welcome to First Check, a podcast so you can learn how to be the next great venture capitalist or angel investor.

You’ve seen the Uber’s, Google’s, and Pendo’s of the world; the 10 X to 100 X returns. And you want to know how you can get in on the action. As a partner at Cofounders Capital, Host of First Check, Tim McLoughlin has invested over $43 million in startups. And on this podcast, he’s going to share with you what works and what doesn’t so you can be ready to write your first check.

On each episode, Tim brings on investors and founders so they can tell you the ups and downs of venture capital and what lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Today’s guest is Robbie Hardy, founder and chair of xElle Ventures, an early stage Angel Fund for women founders BY women founders and investors. xElle’s Mission is to invest in the ideas, products and services of women. Here’s the problem – only 2 and a half percent of venture capital funding goes to women-led startups – and Robbie is on a personal mission to fix that.

On the show today, Robbie talks about what all investors can do to help solve the problem, what she looks for in founders, and what mistakes she sees entrepreneurs making all the time.

Here’s the host of First Check, Tim McLoughlin.

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