The Beyond the Obituary Podcast: What Goes on in a Crematory?

This is a different kind of podcast. It’s called Beyond the Obituary, and it’s from Renaissance Funeral Home in Raleigh North Carolina. 

In season 1, we interviewed family members of loved ones who had passed on, because a life is so much more than a one page obituary, and it was so heart warming to hear the stories, even when many of them had to deal with tragic deaths.

But in season 2, we’re changing things up a bit and getting more into the business of death because it’s a super interesting topic that many of us are afraid to talk about.  Like on this episode that we’re sharing with you today, I interview Joe Smolenski and Heather Hill from Renaissance about life in the funeral home, and what happens in a crematory. How hot does it get? Are ashes mixed up? What happens when family members disagree on what to do with a body? Do the funeral directors talk to the bodies?

So check it out, and be sure to subscribe to Beyond the Obituary wherever you get your podcasts. 

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