The Convergence of Wetland Science and Technology

Technology impacts the way we live and work. Natural resources consulting is no exception. Today, host Jeremy Schewe, PWS, Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer,  Ecobot, address the increasingly important role that mobile field applications play in wetland science.  Jeremy will unpack:
– As scientists, what are our unique challenges to leveraging new technology?
– Critical need to digitize wetland data for resilience planning
– Case studies with drones, GPS receivers, GIS software, Mobile data collection apps, AI/Machine learning, and up-and-coming tech
– A look at what’s available now and in the near future

And on the next episode we’ll continue the conversation with a Q&A panel discussion with consultant, regulatory, and tech development industry leaders:
– Megan Lang, Chief Scientist, National Wetland Inventory – U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
– Rick Savage, President, Carolina Wetlands Association
– Daniel Martin, Project Manager, Esri
– Todd Losee, Wetland Ecologist, Niswander Environmental
– Adam Gailey, PWS, Gailey Environmental LLC
– Scott Denham, Permitting Manager, Environmental Solutions & Innovations, Inc.
– Jessie Norriss, Partnerships Lead, Upstream Tech
– Amber Robinson, Environmental Scientist, HDR
– Darin Loucks, Geospatial Business Development, Trimble Geospatial
– Kimberli Ponzio, PWS, Chair, Society of Wetland Scientists Webinar Subcommittee + Environmental Scientist IV, Bureau of Water Resources, St. Johns River Water Management District
– Daniel Windham, Drone Pilot & GIS Specialist, Moore Bass Consulting, Inc.

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