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At Hutchison PLLC, we work with founders and entrepreneurs as they fight and grind and stress and push to bring their visions to reality. We are inspired by their incredible stories of success, of failure, of reworking and trying again.

We get to see this every day through our work, helping technology and life science companies start up, operate, get funded, and exit, but we want a chance to share some of these stories with you, our listener. So whether you already are an entrepreneur, have an idea that someday you want to start a business or are just fascinated by the stories of how a business goes from idea to success... or not such a success, this podcast is for you. 

The Fracture Startup Journey: Jumping off a Cliff to Learn to Fly with Abhi Lokesh

Abhi Lokesh started Fracture from his college dorm room at the University of Florida.  As a young entrepreneur, he made a lot of mistakes – in hiring, in marketing, in leadership, and more – but he learned from those mistakes and is now at over 1M Fractures sold!

Note: this episode was recorded in July 2020, so Fracture is well beyond 1M sold now!


Trevor Schmidt: Hello and welcome to the Founder Shares Podcast!  I’m your host, Trevor Schmidt. As an attorney at Hutchison Law Firm in Raleigh, North Carolina, we work with founders who have incredible stories about their companies’ successes – and failures. Entrepreneurship is not about having the best idea for a company – it’s about resilience through the struggle, hiring the right people in areas of weakness, and finding the time to do just about anything to get your business to the next level. 

On this podcast, we hear from founders who have had some success, and they share their stories about life as an entrepreneur.

Our first guest is Abhi Lokesh, co-founder and CEO of Fracture, a company that prints your photos in vivid color, directly onto glass.

I have a smart phone in my pocket that takes amazing photos, and you probably do too. So that means you probably take maybe 10, 20 pictures a day, maybe more if you have kids? Well, I looked it up online, and it is estimated that there will be 1.4 TRILLION pictures taken around the world in 2020. 1.4 TRILLION. But in your thousands of pictures on your phone, how many do you actually go back to look at, much less print out?

Abhi Lokesh and his partner Alex Theodore first noticed this trend back in 2009. c

Abhi Lokesh: We saw a really compelling opportunity in front of us, which was the fact that smartphones were just taking off.

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