The importance of advocating for your healthcare, with Dr. Audrea Caesar

If you’re part of an underrepresented or marginalized group in the United States, you likely have faced or will face a health disparity at some point in your life. As the inaugural Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer at UNC Health, Dr. Audrea Caesar is working to expand health equity efforts at UNC Health and the UNC School of Medicine. In this episode, learn why inequities in healthcare exist, what they look and sound like, and how to advocate for yourself at the doctor’s office and for systemic changes as a society.


Jackie Ferguson: Thanks for listening to Diversity Beyond the Checkbox podcast. Today I am speaking with Dr. Audrea Caesar. Dr. Caesar is UNC Health’s inaugural Chief Diversity Equity and Inclusion Officer. In this role, Dr. Caesar oversees and expands DEI and health equity efforts at UNC Health and UNC School of Medicine. Dr. Caesar, thank you so much for joining us.

Audrea Caesar: Thank you for having me.

Jackie: Of course, and I always like to start Dr. Caesar with, you know, just tell us a little about yourself, your background, your family, your identity, whatever you’d like to share.

Audrea: Absolutely. I always lead with where I’m from. I’m from Cleveland, Ohio, and I am extremely proud of that. It is a blue-collar town, It’s a sports town and very ethnic, lot of great food, lot of great people. So I always start with that. In terms of identities, I’ll just go down the list. I’m a person of faith.

I’m a wife. I’m a mother, a sister. My pronouns are she and her. I identify as a northerner, even though my roots are really in the south. I’m multiethnic, I’m a hip-hop head, world traveler, professor and leader.

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