The Natural Introvert’s Guide to Being a CEO, with Amie Thompson

In 2017, Amie Thompson was in a spot in her career where she was working all the time and making great money…except that she never had an opportunity to actually spend it.  So one day she left, with a plan to take six months off and relax.  Six months turned into a year, and when she eventually came back to work, she had an opportunity to run Creative Allies. But for a natural introvert, is that what she wanted to do?


Dana: Welcome everyone to Hustle and Gather, a podcast by inspiring the everyday entrepreneur to take the leap. I’m Dana 

Courtney: and I’m Courtney. 

Dana: And we are two sisters who love business. On this show, we talk about the ups and downs to the hustle and the reward at the end of the journey. 

Courtney: And we know all the challenges that come with starting a business. Between operating our wedding venue, doing speaking and consulting, and starting our luxury wedding planning company, we wake up and hustle every day 

Dana: But we love what we do. And today we’re talking with Amie Thompson, president and CEO of Creative Allies, a marketing firm for entrepreneurs.  Amie knows the ins and outs of running a business, as well as the importance of building a personal brand in order to ensure professional success.

 Amie has a passion for helping other entrepreneurs, particularly women and minorities. She loves talking about everything from the journey of a business owner to sales tips for introverts and non-salespeople.  Amie, welcome to hustle and gather. 

Amie: Thank you for having me. 

Dana: Oh, we’re so excited to have you today.

Courtney: Yeah, that’d be fun. So, for those people who are listening can you share a little bit more about what Creative Allies is and the services that you offer?

Amie: Sure, so we are a full-service marketing company, and what that means is really we can partner with other businesses and offer everything that they need marketing wise.

And it’s kind of funny, I usually tell people don’t ever say you can do everything right, but we have a really cool business model where we use our community of creatives to actually execute the work. So, what that means is usually we can say yes to almost everything, because we can go into our community and find the expertise that’s needed.

So, whether that’s just a small project that you have, or if you need us to just take on all of your marketing, we can do that. 

Dana: That’s really neat. I love that idea, like the community of experts. So, can you expand on that just a little bit? Like how did you find those experts? Are they all employed by you or are they just kind of in your general circle?

Amie: Yeah, they’re freelancers, and so we really keep our internal teams small. We have about four to six people at any given time. And then we have a partner network where it’s other entrepreneurs like myself who have smaller companies, but then we have this community of freelancers who don’t want to work full time.

They just want to do their creative thing. They could be writers, they could be social media experts, they could be web designers, pretty much everything you can think of, video folks, photographers. And the company actually started about 10 years ago. So, I did not start the company.

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