The Rise of Earfluence

(The Rise of Earfluence Whitepaper by Donald Thompson)

Letter from the CEO:

In my meetings and conversations with Donald Thompson, I’ve heard his passion for finding innovative ways to make the businesses he works with and their clients more valuable. And once he gets going, you better be ready with a notepad or a laptop or a recorder because the ideas and nuggets of wisdom are coming at you fast!

Now one of the reasons that we connected is that we both shared a vision for podcasting as a completely underutilized form of marketing for businesses. We knew that making the right podcast – and delivering that podcast to the right audience – can inspire a community to action. When you add in the flexibility of podcasting, the ability to tell stories, and the versatility of evergreen audio content, businesses that are podcasting are taking advantage of a powerful medium.

With all of the ideas that Donald has from our meetings, I asked him to write a blog post about why he decided to get involved in podcasting and the benefits to businesses. So he did – except you can’t stop this guy and you don’t want to contain him – so that blog post turned into the whitepaper you can see by clicking the link below.

A couple takeaways from a business podcast perspective:

  1.  70 percent of podcast listeners report giving their full attention to the content, since they are listening to learn, stay up-to-date, or be entertained or inspired. 
  2. The average podcast listener is 35. Along with video, podcasting is a can’t miss when a brand needs to appeal directly to a younger generation of purchasers and decision-makers. Podcasts offer advertisers access to an audience that is perceived to be hard to find: Gen Z and millennials.


CEO & Executive Podcast Producer, Earfluence
About the Author
As the CEO and Executive Producer at Earfluence, Jason Gillikin gets to hear experts tell their stories for a living! Having come from a digital marketing background, Jason thrives on amplifying Earfluence podcasts to reach their most impactful audiences. Jason finds inspiration in the storytelling of Wondery, the preparation of Guy Raz, the determination of his wife (also a podcast host), and the curiosity of his three daughters.