The Rise of Women in Wetland Science and Technology

Women are major contributors to both the biological sciences and the geospatial technologies that are ushering wetland science into the twenty-first century.  How did these nine professional women wetland scientists, engineers, and GIS specialists navigate their career achievements and obstacles?   Tune in to hear how women scientists have promulgated unique scientific approaches, created cutting-edge software, and written policy in respect to the management and monitoring of our natural heritage.

In this episode, you’ll hear from:

  • Alana Cloud, Strategic Account Specialist, Ecobot
  • Angela Stanley, Senior Account Executive, Benecomms
  • Megan Lang, PhD, Chief Scientist, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services
  • Gina O’Neil, PhD, Technical Consultant, Esri
  • Caitlin Burke, Ecologist, Resource Environmental Solutions LLC
  • Kelley Samuels, PWS, Senior Ecologist, AECOM
  • Amber Robinson, PWS, Environmental Scientist, HDR Engineering, Inc
  • Laura Bourgeau-Chavez, PhD, Senior Research Scientist, Michigan Tech Research Institute (MTRI)
  • Susan-Marie Stedman, PhD, Wetland Scientist/Policy Analyst, NOAA
  • Marla Stelk, Executive Director, Association of State Wetland Managers, Inc.
  • Melanie Vanderhoof, PhD, Research Geographer, USGSTopics:
  • Contributing to monitoring & assessment techniques
  • Writing policy
  • Managing geospatial data
  • What is it like being women in the STEM industry in the 21st century?
  • How did they navigate their career paths and what obstacles did they encounter along the way?
  • Where is the STEM industry?The Ecobot Podcast is edited and produced by Earfluence.

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