The science behind why teams fail, with Kimberly Wiefling

A former member of the U.S. Air Force, Kimberly Wiefling knows what it takes to build a strong team—and the signs of a weak one—and that’s why she started her consulting business, Wiefling Consulting. In her decades of consulting in Silicon Valley, she’s gathered data and observations from teams she’s transformed to perfect her recipe for success of human skills in a technical world. In this episode, hear how you can apply the data Kimberly has gathered on cross-functional, cross-cultural global teams to create a new, better future for your team.


Jackie Ferguson: Thank you for listening to the Diversity Beyond the Checkbox podcast. My guest today is Kimberly Wiefling. Kimberly is a Silicon Valley innovator and serial entrepreneur. She launched her transformational consulting business, Wiefling Consulting during the .com bust and never looked back. A physicist by education, she recognized long ago the crucial role of human skills in a technical world and seeks to create a new future by making the impossible, merely difficult to transform our lives, work, and world for the better. Kimberly, thank you so much for being here.

Kimberly Wiefling: I’m excited, Jackie

Jackie: Me too.

Kimberly: Woohoo baby. Let’s do this thing.

Jackie: I love. This is gonna be such a great interview. I’m so excited about it. Kimberly, will you tell us just a little about your background, your family, your identity, whatever it is you’d like to share?

Kimberly: Well, I grew up in the rural western Pennsylvania area. Kind of tell people I was raised by wolves., my dad was a welder. My brothers were welders. If I was a boy, I would’ve been a welder. But since I was a girl, you know, they weren’t gonna waste money sending a girl to college because she’s just gonna get married and have kids.

Right? So I joined the military, day, I turned 18, joined the air. Get out of there. Go get my money for college cuz I wanted to be a scientist, Jackie.

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