“Think and Do” Leadership with NC State Chancellor Randy Woodson and Poole College of Management Dean Frank Buckless

Dr. Randy Woodson became North Carolina State University’s 14th chancellor in April of 2010, and he leads the largest university in North Carolina with more than 34,000 students and a $1.5 billion budget. Under his leadership, the university created and implemented the pathway to the future strategic plan and advanced each of its strategic goals. How has he done it? Let’s find out as Chancellor Woodson is joined by Poole College of Management Stephen P Zelnak Jr. Dean Frank Buckless in this insightful conversation into how NC State differentiates itself from other universities.



Chancellor Randy Woodson: We’re in one of the fastest growing metros in the country. We’ve got companies all around us hiring great graduates from the Poole College of Management, from our engineering school, and, and et cetera. But we want to make sure that we continue to interact with those graduates, help them remain relevant, and remain useful and productive for the companies that have hired them, for upscaling for future careers.

So, I’m really excited about how we bring our academic talent at NC state together to think about, how do we meet those needs? And do it in a, in a way that continues to differentiate NC State as the “Think and Do” university.

Jenny Hammond: Welcome to the Poole Podcast, the official podcast of the Poole College of Management at NC State University.

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