Tisha Alyn: Golf’s Social Media Influencer

Golf’s social media influencers represent the game in a way that pro golfers can’t. If you’ve ever tried to master a Instagram Reel or TikTok or Facebook Live, you know that it takes a special skill to perfect these posts – and it’s even more impressive when they get these videos to spread virally. Today we’re chatting with someone who has made it her career to make golf trend on social – and she’s absolutely crushing it – Tisha Alyn.


Tisha Alyn: There was many times where I was like, hey man, like I’m living out of my car. Is this what I want to do? People don’t see that part you know.

Mackenzie Mack (PODCAST INTRO): Welcome to “Getting to the Green”. The podcast that explores many ways that you can find financial success in the golf industry. From caddies to broadcasters, to engineers, to pro golfers, we share how we’ve navigated the golf business and gotten to the green. I’m your host, Mackenzie Mack, a former professional golfer turn rising golf executive, and a PGA and LPGA ‘Class A’ member. Something I’ve noticed over the past few years, and I’m sure you’ve noticed too, is the rise of golf influencers. If I go on Instagram, TikTok, I see people doing trick shots, showing the latest golf fashions, or explaining the must do tip for hitting the ball that much further. These influences represent the game in a way that pro golfers just can’t. And if you’ve ever tried to master an Instagram reel or TikTok, you know that it takes a special skill to make those posts happen. And it’s even more impressive when they get these videos to go viral. So today, we’re talking to one of those influencers who is absolutely crushing it, Tisha Alyn. If you don’t know, Tisha, hit the pause button right now and go follow her on all the platforms. Tisha is a golf fanatic, and Ambassador to the game and it all started way before she was in kindergarten.

Tisha Alyn: I got into golf at the age of three, my dad introduced me into the game. He was a stay at home dad, and he caught the golf bug. And he would just bring me to the rain for them every single day, he cut up a club for me, and ever since that day, I literally never stopped golfing. And I started competing at the age of seven. And I represented Illinois, and then moved out to California kept on playing did the High School golf, played at the state level collegiate golf, professional golf. And now we’re here as a golf personality.

Mackenzie Mack: Awesome. So what made you keep going in golf? Was there anything in particular that just jumped out to you like, this is what I want to do?

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