The New Entourage: Talent Agents Cicero Leak, Tristian Turner, & Chuck Stinson

The TLS Agency represents entertainers and athletes, and they’ll do what it takes to provide their clients with the best direction for their careers. On the show, Cicero Leak, Tristian Turner, and Chuck Stinson talk about how it all got started, what it’s like to work with celebrities, representing athletes in the new landscape where amateurs can profit off their likeness, being black in America, and what it’s like to have “the talk” with your kids – and that doesn’t mean about the birds and bees.

*Warning: This episode and this clip below are explicit and hilarious.*

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The Donald Thompson Podcast is hosted by Walk West CEO, mentor, investor, and Diversity and Inclusion Consultant Donald Thompson.

Music for this episode provided by Jensen Reed from his song, “You Can’t Stop Me”.

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