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At North Carolina State University’s Poole College of Management, we’re on a mission to create an innovative and collaborative intellectual environment. By balancing industry and academia, we’re developing and supporting leaders with entrepreneurial mindsets and the skills to solve our world’s problems. On this podcast, we’ll talk with faculty and industry leaders to share how thought leadership can be transformative in all areas of industry. This is how we think and do at NC State.

Top Risks for 2021 and beyond: A view from the C-Suite

The Enterprise Risk Management Initiative (ERM) at NC State annually surveys over 1,000 executives throughout the world about what they perceive to be the top risks each year. Mark Beasley, Professor and Director of the ERM and Jim DeLoach, Managing Director of Protiviti, share the most recent findings for 2021 as well as peek into insights for 2030. As you can imagine, the global pandemic shaped their answers quite a bit – and some of the responses and rankings were surprising.


Jenny Hammond:  Hello today, I’m really excited about our topic and our guest. The Enterprise Risk Manage Initiative located here in Poole College, annually surveys, boards of directors and C-suite executives about risk on the horizon for the upcoming year. The most recent report, 2021 and 2030 executive perspectives on top risk released earlier this month highlights, top risks of immediate concern on the minds of executives for this year 2021. And for the longterm 2030 to help us break down report and discuss what these trends are we’re joined by Mark Beasley and Jim Deloach. Mark is currently a KPMG professor of accounting and director of the ERM, Initiative here in Poole college, where he teaches and conducts research related to the ERM and board governance.

He has published over a hundred articles, thought papers and books, and regularly works with boards and management teams and strengthening their risk oversight. Welcome Mark.

Mark Beasley:  Pleased to be here.

Jenny Hammond:  Excited to have you here. Jim is the managing director for Protiviti is global business. It risk and internal audit consulting practice with over 40 years of client service and Houston, Jim is very actively involved with the ERM Initiative here at Poole College and has been a member of the initiative board for several years.

Welcome to you as well.

Jim Deloach:  Glad to be here Jenny, thank you.

Jenny Hammond:  We have a lot to talk about today, so let’s get started, Mark. Let’s start with you. Before we jump into the meat of this conversation, why don’t you tell our listeners a little bit about the Enterprise Risk Management Initiative or ERM, for short as well as how you came to partner with Jim and Protiviti.

Mark Beasley:  Great Jenny happy to. The ERM initiative at Poole college is a thought center. We’re just trying to provide thought leadership to help organizational leaders think about how they manage risk across their enterprise, but with a particular focus of how that management of risk should connected to strategic planning, overall governance.

And so we launched it in 2004 and our approach is very much this think and do mindset of NC state, where we’re trying to do academic research and thought leadership.

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