Top tips for inclusive leadership, with Nils Vinje

Nils Vinje is a leadership coach and head coach of the B2B Leaders Academy, and he says that leading diverse teams effectively requires more than just leading the way you’d like to be led. In this episode, hear the top mistakes to avoid as an emerging leader and Nils’ best advice for experienced leaders to stay up to date on inclusive leadership best practices.


Jackie: Thanks for tuning in to Diversity Beyond the Checkbox Podcast. My guest today is Nils Vinje. Nils is a leadership coach, speaker, author of the 30-Day Leadership Playbook, podcast host and consultant. Thank you so much for being here.

Nils: Jackie is, it is absolutely my pleasure. I’m so excited to be with you speaking here.

Jackie: Absolutely. Well, Nils, I always like to start by, you know, tell us a little about yourself, your background, your family, your identity, whatever you’d like to share.

Nils: Yeah, absolutely. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Been a West coast, person most of my life. And now live in Phoenix, Arizona and have had the good fortune to go through a lot of UPS down sideways in my professional career. You know, I literally tried, have tried everything from being a software engineer, which I was absolutely terrible at, to being a Xerox sales rep on the other end of the spectrum, which I was equally as terrible at that role too, and I struggled for years, Jackie trying to say.

I know I have great skills. I know I can connect with people, but I have absolutely no idea where I fit in the professional world.

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