Transgender Activist Precious Brady-Davis: “I Have Always Been Me”

You may know Precious Brady-Davis as the first transgender woman who appeared on Say Yes to the Dress. You may have heard that Precious and her husband Myles, who’s also transgender, gave birth to a now 19 month old daughter.  Today, Precious gives us the inside scoop on her experiences growing up in rural Nebraska, her courage to transition, and becoming an inspiration to so many who don’t want to be afraid to be themselves.

I Have Always Been Me: A Memoir“, by Precious Brady-Davis


Jackie Ferguson: Hi, and welcome to season four of the Diversity Beyond the Checkbox Podcast sponsored by The Diversity Movement. I’m your host, Jackie Ferguson equality advocate and certified diversity executive. On this show, we discuss how diversity, equity and inclusion benefit our workplaces, schools, and communities by sharing the stories, insights, and best practices of game changers, leaders, and glass ceiling breakers that are doing the work to make our world a more understanding, welcoming and supportive place for us all.

I’m so excited to have renowned and groundbreaking, transgender activists, Precious Brady Davis with us today to talk about her journey and her new book. I have always been. Precious, will you please tell us about your early years and how you got to the pivotal moment of knowing that it was time for you to transition? Let’s start there. 

Precious Brady-Davis: Hi Jackie. Thank you so much for having me on the podcast today course. Wow. My early journey growing up in Omaha, Nebraska, I grew up a child who was very resilient. I was very optimistic. For as long as I can remember, I was outspoken in who I was, even though I didn’t have the words to describe my identity.

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