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At North Carolina State University’s Poole College of Management, we’re on a mission to create an innovative and collaborative intellectual environment. By balancing industry and academia, we’re developing and supporting leaders with entrepreneurial mindsets and the skills to solve our world’s problems. On this podcast, we’ll talk with faculty and industry leaders to share how thought leadership can be transformative in all areas of industry. This is how we think and do at NC State.

U.S. Taxation in a Global Economy, with Nathan Goldman and EY’s Amanda Shumaker

Over the past year, COVID-19 has restricted travel and complicated international business. On top of that, President Biden’s campaign ran on raising taxes for the high earners and corporations.  So how does all of this affect international tax?  And are accounting firms looking to hire graduates even in this chaos?  We asked Poole College of Management Accounting Professor Nathan Goldman and International Tax Partner at EY (and two-time Poole grad) Amanda Shumaker about the current landscape.

Jenny Hammond:  Hello, I’m excited to introduce our two special guests today. Both have extensive experience in the tax industry. First, it’s my pleasure to introduce Nathan Goldman, a tenure track accounting professor in the Poole College of Management, his teaching and research interests focus on corporate taxation. His research has been published in renowned journals, such as the accounting review and the journal of the American Taxation Association.

Nathan is a frequent contributor to tax insights across the country. Welcome Nathan. Also with us today is Amanda Shumaker. Amanda is an international tax partner at EY or Ernst and Young. For those of you not in the accounting space, she’s been with EY for over 15 years where she works with companies of various sizes, including those in the technology, life sciences, contract, research, manufacturing, and consumer products industries.

She serves in all areas of international tax, including international tax restructurings, cross border mergers. And acquisitions, repatriation, planning,  cross-border financing and U S international tax compliance. And lucky for us. Amanda is also a two-time graduate of Poole College, receiving both her master’s and her undergraduate degree in accounting.

Always nice to have an alumni back and share their experiences with our team in our community. Welcome.

Amanda Shumaker:  Thank you so much. It’s great to be here.

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