Vickie Gibbs on Promoting Diversity in Entrepreneurship

Vickie Gibbs is passionate about changing the way we look at entrepreneurship and venture capital.  As a veteran of both, Vickie knows that “being an entrepreneur is not a solo sport” and creative cultures of inclusion from the ground up is imperative to the long-term success of startups.


Jackie Ferguson: Hi, and welcome to season four of the Diversity Beyond the Checkbox Podcast sponsored by The Diversity Movement. I’m your host, Jackie Ferguson equality advocate and certified diversity executive. On this show, we discuss how diversity, equity and inclusion benefit our workplaces, schools, and communities by sharing the stories, insights, and best practices of game changers, leaders, and glass ceiling breakers that are doing the work to make our world a more understanding, welcoming and supportive place for us all.

Today my guest is Vickie Gibbs. Vickie is the Executive Director at the Entrepreneurship Center at the University of North Carolina’s Kenan Flagler Business School. She is also founder and principal at her own consulting practice and a volunteer venture advisor at Cofounders Capital. Vickie is passionate about helping startups achieve success. Vicki, thank you for being here. 

Vickie: Thanks for having me, Jackie. I’m really excited to chat with you today. 

Jackie: Of course, of course. Vicki, tell us a little more about all of the things that you’re into and why helping startups is so important to you. 

Vickie: So, it’s like once we get to a certain age, I feel like when someone asks you what you’re into, it’s like, I have this long list. I’m like, okay how can I narrow it down. But, some of the things that I’m really passionate about and that kind of relates to my passion for startups is one, community is really important to me. 

I’m a serial entrepreneur myself, I’ve worked for startups as well as started companies, and one of the things I’ve learned through that process is being an entrepreneur is not a solo sport. And I make a lot of people have this impression that you’re in it by yourself and do it. And there is a lot, it can be lonely work, but there is no successful entrepreneur that got there on their own.

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