Spotify, Apple, and YouTube are Taking Video Podcasts to the Next Level – Are You Ready?


The world of podcasting is evolving rapidly, and industry giants like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple are taking video podcasts to new heights. With dedicated podcast homepages, improved capabilities, and widespread support, these platforms are making significant strides in the realm of video podcasting. Although the current landscape presents some challenges, it’s crucial for podcasters to embrace video content and prepare for the exciting developments on the horizon.



YouTube’s Dedicated Podcast Homepage

In August 2022, YouTube demonstrated its commitment to video podcasts by launching a dedicated podcast homepage. This prominent feature provides a centralized hub for viewers to discover and engage with a wide range of podcasts. By offering enhanced visibility, YouTube is amplifying the reach and impact of video podcasts, making it an attractive platform for content creators and listeners alike. It even put out an in-depth video podcasting guide.



Spotify’s Video Podcast Expansion

Traditionally an audio-only platform for podcasts, Spotify recognized the rising demand for video content and responded by introducing video podcast capabilities in over 180 countries. This strategic move, implemented in November, allows podcasters to tap into Spotify’s massive audience while enhancing the overall podcasting experience. With video integration, creators can connect with their audience on a deeper level and offer a more immersive storytelling experience.



Apple Podcasts’ Support for Video Podcasts

In a significant announcement on May 17, 2023, Apple Podcasts confirmed its support for video podcasts across all accounts. This development marks a pivotal moment for video podcasting, as Apple’s extensive user base gains access to a diverse range of video content. By embracing video, Apple Podcasts is empowering podcasters to captivate audiences through a multi-sensory approach, combining audio and visual elements.


Right Now It’s Pretty Clunky

Despite the recent advancements, the video podcasting landscape still presents some challenges. For instance, uploading a video podcast on Spotify for Podcasters may result in limitations, with playback restricted to the Spotify platform. Similarly, YouTube does not currently support video podcasts via RSS feeds, necessitating a separate upload process. These hurdles, however, are temporary, as industry leaders are actively working to improve the overall experience.


The Road Ahead

Podcast players, including YouTube, are striving to seamlessly recognize video files via RSS feeds, enabling frictionless playback across various platforms. This upcoming development will revolutionize the distribution of video podcasts, making them accessible to a broader audience. As a podcaster, it is crucial to embrace video content despite the current imperfections. By creating video podcasts, you not only prepare for the future but also gain valuable material for promotional snippets on platforms like LinkedIn, Reels, YouTube Shorts, and more.



The landscape of video podcasts is evolving rapidly, with YouTube, Spotify, and Apple leading the charge. As these platforms invest in dedicated features, enhanced capabilities, and widespread support, video podcasts are poised to revolutionize the podcasting industry. Although challenges persist, the future holds tremendous potential for seamless video playback and expanded distribution. Embrace the power of video now to stay ahead of the curve, and leverage its versatility for broader reach and engagement across multiple platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube shorts. The era of video podcasts has arrived—are you ready?

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