Weddings for Real Podcast Reaches 200K Downloads

When Megan Gillikin started Weddings for Real in 2018, it was supposed to be a way to share crazy wedding stories that couples and wedding pros would want to hear. A behind-the-scenes look at what the wedding industry was really like, told by a planner who’d been doing it for 10 years and her guests.

But the content that resonated, that the audience truly craved was the vendor education, not the crazy stories.  So instead of building a podcast with viral appeal for the masses, Megan niched down to wedding vendors, sharing content that would help them run their businesses more smoothly and profitably. 

And yet, Weddings for Real is in  top 1% of all podcasts and, as of this week, has been downloaded more than 200,000 times!

More importantly, her career has transformed from wedding planner to speaker, consultant, and online educator. Congratulations Megan and team!

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