We’re all still just figuring it out: Conversations with Sisters

Last week, Courtney and Dana talked with former pro-basketball player Marcus Ginyard about his journey to reinvent himself. In this episode, hear about them discuss the challenges of transitioning your life as an adult and the struggles of deciding what the hell you want to do—which should never include cutting your own bangs.


Courtney Hopper: I thought my life was going this way and it was really going that way. But then like also like parenthood, what a crazy adult transition. I remember I was getting ready to go back to work, cuz I had to go back to work at the time and just crying, saying like, I don’t care if we live in a carboard box and eat peanut butter and jelly every day like I do not wanna leave this baby. 

Courtney: Welcome to Hustle and Gather, a podcast about inspiring the everyday entrepreneur to take the leap. I’m Courtney 

Dana Kadwell: And I’m Dana

Courtney: and we’re two sisters who have started multiple businesses together, and yes, it’s as messy as you think. We know that starting a business isn’t easy. 

Dana: I mean, we’ve done it four times. And on this show, we talk about the ups and downs of the hustle and the reward at the end of the journey. 

Courtney: And we love helping small businesses succeed, whether that is through our venue consulting, speaking, team training, we love to motivate others to take those big leaps. 

Dana: Or you can just use our misadventures to normalize the crazy that is being an entrepreneur, because every entrepreneur makes mistakes.

Courtney: And we like to call those unsuccessful attempts around here. 

Dana: And we know it’s just part of the process. And today we’re talking, just the two of us, about last week’s episode with Marcus Ginyard. Marcus is a highly motivated, ambitious, charismatic professional, determined to build a lasting legacy of success and service. He is a UNC basketball alum and has made his way around the world playing professional basketball overseas the last 10 years. He’s empowered by making meaningful connections and strengthening local communities. If you haven’t heard last week’s episode, go give it a listen. 

Courtney: All right. Let’s get started.

Well, I loved some of the points that he made and I, I honestly, I just, I loved his openness, like how open and honest he was with where he is at, in his phase in life. I can only imagine Like I, I thought about that the other day.

What if we were to like, say, sell the Bradford or like shut down what we’ve built, it would be definitely an identity crisis.   like, what am I going to do with myself now? Hopefully we sold it for lots of money. So there will be some questions that are answered with money things, but I just think there’s so much of my identity and it’s wrapped up in that business. I know we’ve talked about that before, but we’ve worked so hard for it., you know what I mean? And we’ve done so much for it. It’s kind of like a baby  

Dana: Well, it’s funny, you kind said like adult transitions and how hard they are.

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