What keeps you up at night & leaving an industry better than you found it: Conversations with Sisters

Does the fear of failure keep you up at night?  How about the fear of being a bad boss?  Have you ever wondered if you’re leaving your industry in a better place than you found it?

On today’s Conversations with Sisters, Dana Kadwell and Courtney Hopper talk candidly about these questions and more.

If you haven’t listened to the conversation with Palm Sunday‘s Lauren Jennings, it’s the episode before this one, on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or any other podcast app.


Dana: Welcome to Hustle and Gather, a podcast about inspiring the everyday entrepreneur to take the leap. I’m Dana,

Courtney: and I’m Courtney,

Dana: and we’re two sisters who love business. On this show, we talk about the ups and downs with the hustle and the reward at the end of the journey

Courtney: And we know all the challenges that come with starting a business. Between operating our wedding venue, doing speaking and consulting, and starting our luxury wedding planning company, we wake up and hustle every day.

And today we’re talking, just the two of us, about last week’s episode with Lauren Jennings, owner of Palm Sunday, an in-house handmade bespoke jewelry brand specializing in rings of intention. If you haven’t heard last week’s episode, go give it a listen and come back to hear our thoughts.

Dana: All right, Court let’s get started.

Courtney: Let’s go start her with her statement, which I we’ve heard over and over again, that you are your own worst critic, which I think is true. Like, you always think worse of yourself than other people think of you, not that many people tell you that.

Dana: No, it’s true. They could think, I could say what I feel, and then people be like, yeah, I do think that about you.

Courtney: Well, sometimes you do that and I’m like, I do actually think that about you.

Dana: Yeah, thank you.

Courtney: You’re welcome.

Dana: What’s your thing that you say to yourself while you’re your own worst critic?

Courtney: My own worst critic, I don’t know, I guess that I’m like super like scatterbrained, like I can’t carry something through from beginning to end. Like I’m not going to complete anything, right. And then I think sometimes I deal with like, Imposter syndrome, like who am I to tell somebody what they should or shouldn’t be doing? Or like, I think I deal with that as well.

Dana: Yeah. I don’t know. Sometimes for me, I feel like I’m a terrible friend, because I feel like I am not always one to initiate like the text or to like reach out to somebody. And then like, I get so busy and I think sometimes I think that I’m too busy to like, have relationships with people and I, it makes me seem kind of like a jerk in a lot of ways.

Courtney: you feel like you’re a jerk, as it pertains to people who call themselves your friend?

Dana: Yeah. No, I do feel that way sometimes. And I, and I know like, I’m there for friends. Some, I don’t know. Maybe I’m not, maybe I’m just rambling.

Courtney: Please leave a comment if you are Dana’s friend to let us know. A rating 1-10.

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