When authenticity leads to backlash, with Raleigh Cheesy’s Courtney Bowman

Courtney Bowman literally built Raleigh Cheesy on Instagram and charcuterie boards.  It seemed to blow up over night and continued to gain popularity in the Raleigh area. Part of that is due to Courtney’s presence, humor, and authenticity.  But as she found out, when you’re always authentic, you’re going to offend some people along the way.


Courtney Bowman: I have, like, embraced authenticity and vulnerability I think my whole life. I don’t know how to be a fake person. I can’t do it. I can’t, like, be someone I’m not. And so, in the spirit of that, I tend to overshare, maybe? Or just like, give more honest opinions about things. This is a theme of my life, you know? Um, where I write something that maybe gets misinterpreted.

So like, I mean, this kind of all started cheese boarding because I almost got fired from teaching.

Dana Kadwell: Welcome to Hustle and Gather, a podcast about inspiring the everyday entrepreneur to take the leap. I’m Dana.

Courtney Bowman:  And I’m Courtney

Dana Kadwell: And we are two sisters who love business. On this show, we talk about the ups and downs, the hustle, and the reward at the end of the journey,

Courtney Hopper: And we know all the challenges that come with starting a business. Between operating our wedding venue, doing speaking and consulting, and starting our luxury wedding planning company, we wake up and hustle every day.

Dana Kadwell:  But we love what we do. And today we’re talking with Courtney Bowman about turning her hobby into a hustle. Courtney is the owner of Raleigh Cheesy, which creates custom charcuterie boards in the triangle.

Courtney Hopper: For those of you that are listening, today we are drinking Petite Sirah from Biltmore Estate. You can order the wine, yourself, with the link in our show notes. We are so excited to have you!  Who would have thought?

Courtney Bowman: I know. Who would’ve thought?

Courtney Hopper: Yes. Yeah. So, when and why did you even start making charcuterie boards?

Courtney Bowman: Oh, that’s a great question. So, it all started in the summer of 2019. So, I had felt a little creatively stifled.

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