When Two is Better Than One: Murphy’s Naturals and The Loading Dock story with Philip Freeman

After decades of writing business ideas down, Philip Freeman decided to start Murphy’s Naturals so he could solve a simple problem – his wife kept getting stung by mosquitos.  And then when that business grew too big for his garage, he founded The Loading Dock to solve his new problem – and help other entrepreneurs along the way.

Philip mentioned several charitable organizations, and here are those links – Earth Share North Carolina, Activate Good, Triangle Land Conservancy, and 1% for the Planet.


Trevor: Today’s guest is Philip Freeman, CEO and Founder of Murphy’s Naturals, and Founder of The Loading Dock. 

There is this stereotype when some people think of entrepreneurs.  You know, the 20-something geniuses or the dorm room founders, and we have spoken to a number of individuals on the Founders Shares who might fit that mold.   

What we don’t often hear is the story of the entrepreneur who elects to launch their first startup  in their 40’s, but that’s exactly what happened to Philip Freeman. And he was so successful with the first startup that he created some challenges that he needed to solve by creating a second startup.

Now Philip might have waited to launch his first business as a 2nd or in his case 3rd career, but he is actually one of those guys who’s always had the hustle and creative ideas that are key to being a successful founder. At 6 or 7, he would go door to door (or in his case farm to farm) selling used bottle caps he found at the general store for 50 cents each. Not exactly a scaleable business but we all start somewhere.

After college, Philip went into the US Navy, where he started to learn how to effectively run things…

Philip: So I was a very young officer think about being in my early twenties and I had people working with me, for me that were you know, much more experienced and many more years of service and what I realized from that is the reliance you need to have on one another and how important it is to have a solid team. And everyone needs to be passionate about what they’re doing and needs to be all in. 

So what I realized from that whole experience is you have to have the right team. You have to have Everyone you know, in sync, you know, performing their mission. And that makes all the difference in the world. But also to realize that you know, you don’t have to be the expert at everything. Everybody has their own skillset and their own expertise, and you count on them to deliver on their responsibilities. And as long as everyone is in sync and is delivering on their responsibilities, then that’s going to lead to success.

Trevor: Philip was in the Navy for 8 years as a Deep Sea Diving Officer, then he started a 23 year career at a large international corporation.  The entrepreneurial culture at this company helped shape Phillip’s exposure to many different aspects of business.  While in the Navy and during his corporate career, Philips would constantly have ideas for new businesses, which he would write down and store away.  When the company he worked for started losing some of its entrepreneurial spirit, Philip decided, maybe it was time to move on. 

Philip: well during that time, was when I came up with the idea for Murphy’s I was already working on the low end 80 hours a week.

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